“I couldn’t be more thrilled with my Ento Placement cushion. It’s exquisite in every way. From the contrasting luxurious textures of silk and velvet to the beautiful detail of its nature-inspired design. For me, it’s like having a piece of portable art and one that I will cherish for years to come. I’ve already earmarked a few of Claire’s other designs for our home. Claire is an incredibly talented designer and a super lovely person too!”

– Maria Jones

The Interior Editor

“I’ve recently taken delivery of the Wondrous Beasts silk cushion, and I can only describe it as a work of art! Incredible detail and utterly luxurious. Thank you Claire, it’s wonderful.”

– Sandra Baker


“Claire’s designs are beautifully creative. I’ve got the Peacock Maximalist wallpaper and cushion. I love the velvety Matt finish of the wallpaper and the rich and vibrant colours despite having a Matt finish. It’s easy to use and very durable. The cushion is made from the highest quality satin and velvet. Absolutely pleased with the products. Claire is not just talented but a really lovely person too!”

– Lily Sawyer


“Everything is a design but this is a beautiful creative design. Bravo!”

– Sharon Lemay

“Stunning designs by someone who’s very personable.”

– Mary Russell